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Solnyx - Daylight and Darkness: Games
Solnyx - Daylight and Darkness: Pro Gallery

Welcome to a world where nothing is as it seems...

Based on the three-book series 'The Alkoryn Chronicles'. Solnyx - Daylight and Darkness, features an immersive world that brings the books to life. The player controls the protagonist character, Daimeh. Here is the detailed progress of breathing life into this character.

Solnyx - Daylight and Darkness: Games
FIRST STAGE - Daimeh_edited.jpg

2D Concept Art - First Stage

Our lead 2D Artist took the book's description and accurately depicted the character.

3D Models

3D Model Front.png

3D Model - Front

3D Back.png

3D Model - Back


Giant Cave Worm



Solnyx - Daylight and Darkness: Games
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